Blocks, rods or sheets of different materials arranged in such a way that they can bear without breaking the followings forces:

  • Internal forces like their own weight.
  • External forces like wind, rain, loads, etc.



- Massive structure: it is made of blocks of material: For example a Roman aqueduct, an ancient bridge made of stone, etc.

- Laminated structure or shell structure: it is made of plates or sheets of material (e.g. a pencil case is made of sheets of wood).

- Framework structure: it is made of rods (sticks or strings) combined in different ways, following different patterns.

> Triangulated framework structure: is the strongest structure and it is made of groups of three rods joined in triangles. 


Types of rods

Beam: it is a rod which bears flexion forces (e.g. a diving board).

Tie: it is a rod which bears tensile forces (e.g. the string which hold the ceiling lamp).

Strut: it is a rod which bears compressive forces (e.g. the legs of your table).

Axle or shaft (eix en català): it is a rod which bears torsion forces (e.g. a drill or screwdriver) or shear forces (e.g. the part of a beam between the wall and the air).

 Image result for tension tieImage result for strut in building construction


Examples of structures

  • framework1
  • framework2
  • framework3
  • framework4
  • framework5
  • laminated1
  • laminated2
  • laminated3
  • laminated4
  • laminated5
  • massive1
  • massive2
  • massive3
  • massive4
  • massive5