MATERIAL: Set squares 45º-45º-90º and 30º-60º-90º, ruler, pencils H & HB,  coloured pencils (Red, Blue, Green & Yellow), A4 white paper, A4 envelope.

On an A4 blank sheet of paper, draw the following:

0. Margins & text box

1. Parallel lines at 0º - 10mm

2. Parallel lines at 90º - 15mm

3. Parallel lines at 45º - 10mm

4. Parallel lines at 60º - 8mm

5. Parallel lines at 30º - 14mm

6. Parallel lines at 135º - 12mm

7. Parallel lines  ALL IN ONE - Create margins & text box and then divide your page in 6 parts. Repeat drawings 1 to 6 on the same page, as a summary.


How to draw different angles using only set squares



COMMON MISTAKES to be avoided:

Your margins must remain empty (no lines).

Avoid double lines. Draw the transitions between lines with care.

Auxiliar dots should be invisible.

Parallel lines must be parallel, so keep the same distance all along the lines. Double check the position of your set square before drawing the line.

Cleanness is very important in technical drawing. Use the right tool (hard pencil) and keep it in good shape (sharpen your pencil often!!).