• if you are not happy with your results in a quiz, you can try again and improve your mark!
  • After the final date, the quiz or work will not be corrected, so you will have a zero in that part if you have not done it.
  • Please write down in your notebook the results of your quizzes, so you do not have to ask your teacher everytime.
THEORY  Final Date
Energy Sources Quiz  May the 24th

 Generate 4 documents using LibreOffice:

  • CALC (formulas -estimate- & formats -timetable-)
  • WRITER (Styles & Table of Contents)
  • IMPRESS (slides with text & images)
  • DRAW (3D objects, 3D revolution objects).
May the 24th 
 Scratch: Undersea videogame  
DRAWING  Final Date


Framework structure: suspension bridge

 Final Date


 Build the structure May the 24th 

 Prepare the documentation:

  • Sketch of the project (tech drawing)...1 page
  • Description of the project (WRITER)...1 page
  • List of materials & estimate (CALC)...1 page
  • Set of tools (artistic drawing & names)...1 page
  • Drawing of the suspension bridge in cavalier perspective at 135º (DRAW)...1 page
May the 24th