• if you are not happy with your results in a quiz, you can try again and improve your mark!
  • After the final date, the quiz or work will not be corrected, so you will have a zero in that part if you have not done it.
  • Please write down in your notebook the results of your quizzes, so you do not have to ask your teacher everytime.
THEORY  Final Date
2.01 Computer parts identification  Thursday 31/01/2018
2.04 Structures  Thursday  31/01/2018
 LibreOffice CALC: Create & save a CALC file named CCxxNameLastname_CALC_Intro as specified in the CALC exercise.


 LibreOffice WRITER: Create & save a WRITER file named CCxxNameLastname_FromNature as specified in the Energy WRITER exercise.  

  LibreOffice IMPRESS: Create & save an IMPRESS file named CCxxNameLastname_IMPRESS_SaP as specified in the Sun and Planets IMPRESS exercise. 


  LibreOffice DRAW: Create & save a DRAW file  named CCxxNameLastname_DRAW_Cover with a title and a drawing made by yourself with the computer tools (squares, shades, 3D objects, grids...).

DRAWING     See figures  
 Figures I  
 Figures II  
 Figures III  
 Figures IV  
 Figures V  
 Figures VI  
 Figures VII  
 Figures VIII  
WORKSHOP      Final Date