• if you are not happy with your results in a quiz, you can try again and improve your mark!
  • After the final date, the quiz or work will not be corrected, so you will have a zero in that part if you have not done it.
  • Please write down in your notebook the results of your quizzes, so you do not have to ask your teacher everytime.
THEORY  Final Date

2.02 Hand tools identification

0. Margins & text box  

1. Parallel lines   0º - 10mm

2. Parallel lines  90º - 15mm


3. Parallel lines  45º - 10mm

4. Parallel lines  60º - 8mm


5. Parallel lines  30º - 14mm

6. Parallel lines  135º - 12mm

7. Parallel lines  ALL IN ONE - Create margins & text box and then divide your page in 6 parts. Repeat drawings 1 to 6 on the same page, as a summary.